It’s easy to check Pinterest and Instagram and immediately feel inspired by your next home decorating project. It’s not quite as easy to get the decorating done.

Thinking about decorating your home? Wondering if you should decorate yourself or hire a professional company? 

This post is here to help you decide. 

Let’s take a look at the advantages of hiring a decorator vs doing it yourself. 

Hiring A Decorator Vs Doing It Yourself (DIY)

What’s the difference? 

Hiring a painter and decorator means you will pay for a decorator or team of decorators to complete the work on your home. This could involve them wallpapering, painting walls or painting radiators. Typically they can decorate both inside and outside of your home. They will bring the manpower, tools and equipment necessary to complete the work. 

If you want to complete the decorating work yourself, you will need to ensure you purchase the correct paint, tools and equipment. You will also need to learn how to correctly decorate your space. 

Using a roller to paint a smooth wall is simple. It’s the trickier jobs such as painting ceilings with a ladder, stripping wallpaper and painting cornices that can suddenly seem very daunting . 

Advantages of hiring a decorator

Why hire a professional painter and decorator? 


One of the leading reasons to hire a painting and decorating company is to make the most of their expertise. Skilled tradesmen have not just attended a course and watched a few YouTube videos. They have been painting and decorating homes and properties day in and day out for years. Usually, a professional decorator has spent years honing his or her craft. 

They already have the experience of using a range of paints and tools and an understanding of where paints are used. 

Some painting and decorating companies(including us) are experts in interior decorating and have a specialised decorating team that can ensure that the paint and wallpaper of your project matches the look you are hoping to achieve in your space. 

Checking testimonials from previous customers on review sites means you can check the quality of a decorating company.

We recommend you look at Google My Business for reviews you can rely on. 


A great reason to hire a company for your decorating is that it is much easier than having to physically complete the work yourself. A company has an entire to team on hand to help with the decorating. 

If climbing step ladders or lifting heavy tins of paint might be a challenge for you, then hiring a company to do this will be much easier. 


One of the reasons hiring a company will be easier for you is simply the time you will save. 

Factor in:

  • the preparation work
  • the time to paint
  • the drying time in between coats 
  • the clean up

You will save a number of days, even weeks depending on the size of your property. 

Advantages of DIY

Should you do your decorating yourself? Let’s find out.


Well there’s no denying that one of the biggest draws of doing the decorating yourself is that you will save money. You will not have to pay the decorator for their time. Which typically is around £25-£30 an hour. 

You can read more about this on our post: How much do decorators charge

Although you will not have to pay yourself for your time, it’s a worthwhile exercise to consider how long it will realistically take you to complete the work.