Interior Decorating Styles: Top 10 Must-Try Looks For Your Home

Interior decorating styles are personal. At Hamill Decorating Services, we’ve seen a fair few interior design trends over the years inside your homes.

From traditional to contemporary, rustic cottage vibes to hotel-chic, there are very few interior decorating styles we’ve not had the pleasure of helping our clients achieve.

But does your home’s interior decorating style make our top 10 list? If you’re looking for inspiration, or a professional painting and decorating service in Edinburgh to help transform your property, then please read on.

These are some of the top interior decorating styles that inspire our clients and the styles we’ve been helping them accomplish in their homes.

Period Elegance

We’ve seen a resurgence in period design over the past 5-10 years, in particular the interior decorating styles of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

But there’s a twist. Taking elements of traditional period design and pairing them with fresh, toned back modern interior trends, a new aesthetic has been created – and one that has become the most popular interior decorating style we work with today.

Tall ceilings, large windows, ornate cornicing and fireplaces are common design features found in this elegant period style, and for many of today’s homeowners, restoring these period features, such as sash and case windows, is an important part of maintaining this interior decorating style for many years to come.

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Modern Traditional

One quick scroll through Instagram and you’ll see many influencers opting for the modern traditional interior decorating style in their home.

Fake wall panelling is making a major comeback and grey tones are being replaced by soft earthy beiges or bold, dramatic colours, especially in soft furnishings inspired by elegant Regency design.

Many of today’s homeowners are choosing elements of traditional design because of its welcoming, homey feel, which is in stark contrast to the popular ultra contemporary style of the 00’s.

Cottage Charm

The charming cottage interior decorating style is one that’s instantly recognisable and unique to UK interior design, reflecting the natural, organic landscapes of the great British countryside.

Pretty pastels are the colour choice of many who choose this delightful cottage aesthetic for their home, incorporating delicate floral patterns, worn timber and irregular walls and ceilings, which add to the charm.

Although well thought out and put together, nothing about the charming cottage interior decorating style suggests it is.


Minimalist interior decorating styles first came into fashion in the early 20th century as a rebellion against the fussy, chaotic Victorian and Edwardian styles that came before it. Synonymous with crisp white walls, monochrome accents and clean lines, minimalist design is a stalwart of modern British interior design.

Cutting back on the clutter and investing in a few standout pieces – in a neutral palette, of course – is key to achieving a minimalist interior decorating style that will form a bright, calm and relaxing space.


Scandinavian interior decorating style is best known for the use of bare wood, white walls and natural materials, creating a pared back, minimalist look that is also warm and inviting.

Hints of grey, cosy soft furnishings and large warming rugs are essential to achieving the Scandinavian aesthetic, which is largely modern with a touch of traditional.

And for the perfect Scandinavia-inspired living room – a modern wood burner for cosy nights around the fire.

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Farmhouse interiors give the impression that it’s taken years to put together a design that creates a real ‘home’. However, by nailing this aesthetic in just a few key areas of your property, you’re sure to master this interior decorating style in a much shorter time.

Known for exposed beams, unpainted woodwork and warm beige tones, this homely style really comes together in the heart of the property – the kitchen.

Here, you’ll likely find a traditional island for all the family to sit round, wood countertops and a palette of cream and earthy greens.


Marked by the use of bare brick, unpolished metal and exposed structural features, an industrial interior decorating style works perfectly in lofty, open spaces.

Black, brown and grey is the colour palette most associated with this aesthetic, which is a firm favourite with UK homeowners.

While many opt for touches of this interior decorating style throughout their home – perhaps installing black taps in the bathroom, or opening up a chimney breast in the living room – some of our customers choose to embrace the style in all aspects of their home’s design.

Beach house vibes

Bright, airy and totally ‘chill out’, the beach house interior decorating style is ideal for homeowners who want to create a relaxing space to return to in the evening after a long day at work.

White painted woodwork, soft blue and green tones and small design details reflecting the coast are a sure-fire way to create an aesthetic that’s natural and calming like the ocean. Some homeowners opt for striped wallpapers that add a nautical touch yet without being overbearing.

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Nailing the hotel-chic look in your home doesn’t just come down to the luxuriousness of your bedding… It’s about creating an interior decorating style with textures and fashionable furniture of high-quality design.

For a modern hotel-chic aesthetic, silks and wall coverings add a touch of luxury, while traditional designs focus on grand centrepieces, such as a statement four poster bed or a large chandelier.


In contrast to hotel-chic design, rustic interior decorating styles are recognised for their use of timber, natural materials and unfussy, homely features that suit any property, new or old.

Great interior design doesn’t mean that your property has to look like a show home, and the rustic trend is testament to the fact that your home can be an inviting and comfortable space to spend your free time while still being ‘on trend’.

The rustic interior decorating projects we’ve worked on at Hamill have focused on using an understated palette of warm and earthy paints that create a relaxing atmosphere.

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