Professional ‘trade paints’ compared to ‘retail’ (DIY) paints

We only sell professional trade quality paints from our website because they are better and, therefore, much better value in the long term. Here’s why…

It often comes as a surprise to many people that there is a real difference between trade quality and retail (DIY) quality paints. Most of the big DIY chains only stock retail paint, so many customers do not even realise that trade paint is different. Retail customers tend to think that decorators just get a ‘trade discount’ when they buy the same paints.

This could not be further from the truth.

Here are the main advantages of trade quality paints over retail (DIY) paints:

  • Professional trade paints cover surfaces better even after thinning because they have stronger pigments and opacity – this can save time and money by reducing the number of coats.
  • Trade paints come in larger trade pack sizes which are more economical to buy.
  • Trade paints are tested more often to make sure that they meet the high standards of professional decorators and their customers.

The main advantages of superior trade paints compared to retail paints are better opacity, ease of use, less discolouration over time and longer durability.

So, for a professional result, you have to choose a trade paint.

A trusted decorator would not use DIY retail paint as the quality of finish can’t be guaranteed in comparison to trade paint.

The overall results of a professional painter and decorator are also better than an amateur because of:

  • Thorough surface preparation.
  • Using a selection of paint brushes, rollers and poles.
  • And, of course, the use of trade quality paint.

All interior walls need to be checked over, cracks and pin holes filled then sanded, and all small imperfections sanded. All woodwork should also be sanded to give the new coat of paint a large surface area to stick to properly. The woodwork should always be undercoated before the final coat is applied to give a professional finish.

In summary, trade paint is worth paying that little bit extra for. Trade paint is of a much higher quality than retail so over the years it will save you time and money. With its superior pigmentation and opacity, trade paint helps you easily finish the painting faster saving you money and, giving your surfaces a more professional finish that can be wiped and that will last far longer.

The paints we sell on our website are all professional trade quality paints.

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