All the paints sold on our website are carefully chosen, eco-friendly paints that are used by our professional decorators.

 They are also high quality trade paints that go further and last longer, saving you time and money.

Isle of Skye Paint Company Trade Paints

Inspired by the magnificent colours of the Isle of Skye, you can choose from their range of 45 colour shades of Skye range of seaweed infused, high quality, water based range of interior and exterior trade paints.

The Isle of Skye Paint Company is an independent, Scottish paint manufacturer, committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality, sustainable water based paints. They use the finest quality materials and continue to introduce raw sustainable materials where possible.

Their range of classic, sustainable paints give superior coverage and durability, whilst the naturally occurring thickening and stabilising agents found in organic seaweed, makes it creamier and easier to apply.

Isle of Skye’s founder, Alasdair Campbell who’s a professional decorator himself, developed their range of paints to withstand Skye’s harsh climate.

The paints we sell on our website are all eco-friendly, sustainable paints.

Tikkurila Trade Paints

Tikkurila is a leading Finnish paint company whose environmentally friendly, mostly water-based trade paints are manufactured from carefully chosen raw materials.

Tikkurila UK was established in 1983 and has operated in sectors varying from interior design to nuclear engineering. Their range of decorating and industrial paints are all manufactured in Finland and are not altered for the UK market.

Sustainability, quality, support, service and ethical growth are fundamental to what they do.

  • Ensure clean indoor air quality with zero VOC paints.
  • Portfolio of paints are mostly water-based.
  • Stringently tested to the highest Scandinavian and European standards.
  • Sustainable end-to-end approach to manufacturing.

People spend about 90% of their time indoors, at home, school, work and in public places. That’s why indoor air quality is extremely important for people’s health, and why Tikkurila has joined the Indoor Air Quality Ecosystem (IAQe) initiative.

One of Tikkurila’s sustainability customer promises is that it will improve and protect air quality with its products and professional services.

Thanks to our high-quality, low-emission and eco-labelled products, indoor air quality will be better and health risks lower… thereby leading to cleaner indoor air,” says Joonas Auvinen, Tikkurila’s Director for Business & Portfolio Development, Professionals.

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