All the paints sold on our website are carefully chosen, eco-friendly paints that are used by our professional decorators.

 They are also high quality trade paints that go further and last longer, saving you time and money.

At Hamill Decorating, we’re big believers in looking after the environment where we can. And while many of us have gone eco-friendly in other areas of our lives, here at Hamill Decorating Services we think this is especially important when choosing the right paint and materials for your residential or commercial project.

You may or may not be familiar with eco-friendly paint. And if you’re unsure if eco-friendly paint should be at the top of your home renovation shopping list, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here we’ll be answering:

  1. What is eco-friendly paint?
  2. Why you should be using eco-friendly paint
  3. The best eco-friendly paint brands on the market

What is eco-friendly paint?

Many interior and exterior paints are made from harmful chemicals, that leave intoxicating fumes dispersing through your home every time you decide to decorate: as well as dangerous particles lingering in the air long after you’ve painted.

When working with paints filled with these harsh chemicals, you’ll likely find yourself painting with all the doors and windows open for maximum ventilation, which isn’t so practical when working in the milder UK climate.

The natural materials used to make eco-friendly paints often means they’re free from toxic chemicals, making them either low in or void of any ‘paint-like’ fumes. That’s why so many people, including our painting and decorating team, love working with eco-friendly paints.

Eco-friendly paints that are zero VOC (volatile organic chemicals), such as the Tikkurila eco-friendly paint range, are an ideal option if you want to be working in an odourless environment.

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Why you should be using eco-friendly paint

Not only are eco-friendly paints healthier for those working with these products – especially on a day-to-day basis – but they’re also better for the environment.

Made from a range of natural materials, such as milk and clay, eco-friendly paints can be disposed of more easily than more dangerous, traditional paint products that are filled with man-made chemicals and materials.

Thanks to paint production innovation over the past decade or so, there are an increasing number of eco-friendly paints being brought to the market each year that are as high quality and durable as traditional more toxic paints.

So while eco-friendly paints may be made from non-traditional materials more suited to the natural world than on the shelves of your local hardware store, you can rest assured that eco-friendly paints are as hardwearing and high performing as more traditional paint products.

The best eco-friendly paint brands on the market

At Hamill Decorating Services, we’re proud to be stocking some of the best-quality eco-friendly paints available on the market.

We’re one of just a few eco-friendly paint stockists in Edinburgh that can supply these specialist paints for residential and commercial renovation projects.

Here’s a look at the eco-friendly paints we supply at Hamill Decorating, made with professional trade quality…

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Isle of Skye Paint Company Trade Paints

The Isle of Skye Paint Company is an independent, eco-friendly Scottish paint manufacturer, committed to producing socially and environmentally responsible sustainable water-based paints.

Using the finest quality materials, the Isle of Skye Paint Company introduces raw, sustainable materials where possible into their eco-friendly paints.

Inspired by the earthy colours found in the Isle of Skye’s natural backdrop, their eco-friendly paints are stringently tested and developed to withstand Skye’s harsh climate.

Developed by painter and decorator Alasdair Campbell, the range comprises 45 high-quality water-based, seaweed-infused paints, in both interior and exterior options.

This range of classic, sustainable eco-friendly paints offers superior coverage and durability, with the naturally-occurring thickening and stabilising agents in organic seaweed creating a creamier and easier to apply consistency.

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Tikkurila Eco-friendly Trade Paints

Tikkurila is a leading eco-friendly paint company from Finland that manufactures environmentally-friendly, mostly water-based trade paints made from hand-selected raw materials.

Established in 1983, Tikkurila UK’s eco-friendly paints are used in everything from everyday interior design to nuclear engineering projects and their range of eco-friendly decorating and industrial paints are manufactured in Finland.

Just some of the many benefits of using Tikkurila’s eco-friendly paint range include:
● Clean indoor air quality with zero VOC, odourless paints
● A fantastic range of mostly water-based eco-friendly paints for a variety of decorative tastes
● Paints stringently tested to the highest Scandinavian and European standards
● Eco-friendly paints made with sustainable manufacturing processes

Thanks to our high-quality, low-emission and eco-labelled products, indoor air quality will be better and health risks lower… thereby leading to cleaner indoor air,” says Joonas Auvinen, Tikkurila’s Director for Business & Portfolio Development, Professionals.

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