Trade Quality Exterior Wood stain

Valtti Opaque is an easy to apply, extremely durable wood stain that lasts around twice as long as common wood stains. It also has provides great UV protection.

It leaves a semi-matt film that moves with the surface to which it is applied and can be applied to either new or previously painted timber.


Interior or exterior use                                  Exterior

Surface                                                             Wood, doors and windows

Product category                                            Topcoat

Sheen level                                                       Semi-Matt (11-35%)

Product certifications                                    Finnish Key Flag MED/IMO

VOC levels                                                        Low (50-149g/l)

Application method                                       Airless, spray, brush, roller

Touch dry                                                         1 hour

Recoat time                                                     Sandable and recoatable the following day

Waterbased or solvent based                      Solvent