Special effect glow in the dark paint

Taika Glow is a glow in the dark paint. It creates a glowing effect for up to 6 hours after lights out. It is a translucent paint which is slightly yellowish in daylight. In darkness it glows greenish.

It can be used to create effective displays in children’s bedrooms or for health and safety signage in the workplace. One size only (1L).

Interior or exterior use                                  Interior

Tin Size                                                              1L

Surface                                                             Walls and ceilings, wood

Product category                                            Special effects

Scrub rating                                                     Class 1

Sheen level                                                       Matt (6-10%)

Product certifications                                    Finnish Key Flag, Polish hypoallergenic

Product ecolabels                                           M1,

VOC levels                                                        Low (50-149g/l)

Standard colour                                              Translucent, slightly yellowish during day which glows green                                                                            in the dark

Recoat time                                                     6 hours

Waterbased or solvent based                      Water