Designed to give you all the paint you need to paint the middle rooms in your home.

This package includes premium quality, eco-friendly paints. Choose white for your ceilings and woodwork and a colour for your walls.

Package includes

White Ceiling paint 3L

Anti Reflex Paint

Easy to apply, full matt topcoat.

This is a water-borne white, anti-reflective, latex paint for walls and ceilings. AntiReflex does not flash and can be touched up very easily. It leaves a deep matt finish and provides great coverage. If you are looking for a colour please note that this comes in pastels only.

The paint contains Matt Xtreme technology which allows the paint to be touched up easily without dripping or splashing.

Coloured Wall paint 3L (choose colour below)

Optiva Colour

Trade matt emulsion

This is a water-borne acrylic, latex paint for decorative painting of interior walls and ceilings. This high solid matt emulsion is formulated to reduce flashing which means that you can touch up any scuffs or marks without the touch ups showing.

White Woodwork paint 1L

Everal Aqua


This a matt, universal, water borne, acrylic enamel paint with high durability. It is designed to withstand changing weather conditions and offers high levels of durability.

Ideal for painting internal and external wooden surfaces, chipboards and previously primed metal surfaces, as well as for steel, galvanised, acid-resistant steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, glass, (glaze – after the surface has been prepared)

Everal Aqua creates a non-yellowing topcoat (good for radiators)